About Us

Mike Landquist helped start Rustic Wood Furnishings in 2000, with the idea to create one-of-a-kind, rustic furniture pieces from local wood, and sell them on the wholesale market. As these designs grew in popularity, Mike was bothered by the fact that, by the time they arrived on showroom floor, the markup on them made them nearly unaffordable. The furniture that was designed and built to be enjoyed by everyday people was priced out of reach for most of them.

Eventually, once retail space became available, Mike and company jumped at the chance to open a storefront in Park Rapids, MN, essentially cutting out the middle man and putting unique, handmade products back into the hands of the people who were originally intended to enjoy them.

The wood in our custom-built furniture is mostly locally harvested and each piece is kiln dried to prevent excess cracking. We employ artisans who are passionate about their craft. With keen eyes, they take the natural peculiarities of each piece of wood and use them complement the overall design of the furniture. You’ll search far and wide to find rustic furnishings with more character than the ones we create.

At Landquist Rustic Wood Furnishings, we believe in the old-world standard of producing exceptional, heirloom quality furnishings. These are the pieces that your great grandchildren will come to treasure because they tell your story. Everything we build comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t just want you to like your purchase, we want you to love it.

So, stop in at our showroom today to see what we have available, to get inspiration for something you’d like to have built, or simply to dream.